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    To purchase: - View chart further down page (or click to print Chart) and locate project size; (Multiply for larger projects) - Individually add each product to the shopping cart; The amounts on the chart are minimum recommended amounts. For two car garages consider the Max Pro Kit located at the top of this page. Need installation tools such as spiked shoes, rollers, roller frames, etc... see link at top of page. Make sure to view the support section for colors, flake blends and installation instructions.

    The products listed in the installation video are the same products but their names have changed since the making of the video. There are many methods to prep the concrete before applying epoxy, acid is the most popular, research youtube for common practices. We have found it is best to always do the final rinse after, etching concrete with acid, with using baking powder to ensure the acid is neutralized and to get the best rinse possible. Call or e-mail us with any question - click contact us at top of page.

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