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DIY - Professional Grade Epoxy Floors

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 ADPolymers Epoxy Floors are great for warehouses and commercial spaces too!  Purchase on-line and DIY, Our three coat system is the best value when it comes to epoxy flooring solutions. 


Our three coat epoxy floor system:  

1)  Primer:                                   

2)  100% Solids Epoxy Base:      

3)  Urethane Top Coat:                                

Chip flake coverage - (1 lbs sprinkle - 5 lb medium - 10 lb heavy (popular)

 3 coats epoxy


adpolymers paintSpread rates are guides - Adjusted due to project size and material size availablity usually aren't an exact match

          2-car Garage Epoxy Coverage Example (400-450 sqft)

1) - Epoxy Primer - 175-225 sqft per gal (2 gallons) (2 gals up to 600 sqft)
2) - 100% Epoxy Solids Base Coat - 50-125sqft per gal (3 gallons) (4.5 gallons total up to 600 sqft)
3) - Clear Urethane Top Coat - 250-500 sqft per gal (1.5 gallons) (1.5 gals up to 600 sqft)
 (Choose a colored urethene if not using decorative flakes - if using non-slip additive it gets add to the urethane) 

Epoxy Flake System

     High Build Single Color
Creates a decorative finish that is a very durable protective wear surface. This system consists of primer, then decorative paint chips randomly broadcasted into an epoxy base coat. Lastly chips are then sealed in with a clear topcoat.     Designed for commercial and industrial floor applications, garage floors, and basement floors.  Typically applied at 18 to 36 mils, available in a variety of colors. Creates an attractive high performance floor that is extremely durable and easy to clean. 
epoxy flake floor     epoxy floor single color

Typical Applications:
- Garages
- Auto showrooms
- Hospitals/
- Laboratories
- Restaurants/
- Retail
- Bathrooms
- Locker rooms
- Hallways
- Lobbies
- Basements
- Game Rooms

    Typical Applications
- Warehouses
- Garages
- Correctional Institutions
- Schools
- Manufacturing
- Airplane Hangars
- Automotive
- Mechanical Rooms
- Veterinary Clinics
- Commercial
- Re-coat existing epoxy floors


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