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DIY - Epoxy Garage Floors and Basement Floors


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 ADPolymers Epoxy Floors are great for warehouses and commercial spaces too!  Need help on large projects, we can do that too and save you thousands.  Call for details.



Our three coat epoxy floor system consists of a primer - 100% solids epoxy base coat - and a clear urethane top coat along with decorative floor flakes. 

Primer:                                    - AD- P2 or P1

100% Solids Epoxy Base:       - AD-EB1

Urethane                                 - AD-PAVOC

With 5 lbs of decorative chips (10 for heavy coverage)

 3 coats epoxy




















adpolymers paint

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100% Solids Base

Urethane Top Coat

200 sqft (1 car)

1 gal

1.5 gal

1 gal PAVOC

400 sqft (2 car) 2 gal 3 gal 1.5 gal AD-U2
600 sqft (3 car) 3 gal 4.5 gal 2 gal PAVOC
800 sqft (4 car) 4 gal 6 gal 3 gal AD-U2
1000 sqft 6 gal 7.5 gal 3 gal PAVOC


Toledo, Ohio and Lambertville, MI area residential and commercial epoxy floor installations available - Call today for the best rates  

Epoxy Flake System

                               High Build Single Color
Creates a decorative finish that is a very durable protective wear surface. This system consists of primer, then decorative paint chips randomly broadcasted into an epoxy base coat. Lastly chips are then sealed in with a clear topcoat.     Designed for commercial and industrial floor applications, garage floors, and basement floors.  Typically applied at 18 to 36 mils, available in a variety of colors. Creates an attractive high performance floor that is extremely durable and easy to clean. 
epoxy flake floor     epoxy floor single color

Typical Applications:
- Garages
- Auto showrooms
- Hospitals/
- Laboratories
- Restaurants/
- Retail
- Bathrooms
- Locker rooms
- Hallways
- Lobbies
- Basements
- Game Rooms

    Typical Applications
- Warehouses
- Garages
- Correctional Institutions
- Schools
- Manufacturing
- Airplane Hangars
- Automotive
- Mechanical Rooms
- Veterinary Clinics
- Commercial
- Re-coat existing epoxy floors

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