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Coverage rates vary depending on customer preferences and application techniques. AD Polymers does not guarantee exact coverage rates. The coverage rates above are strictly guidelines based on experience and customer feedback.

$7.50/lb. At checkout add quantity (Scroll down to order)

(Picture below is Softstone blend on a light grey base with 10lbs on 500 sqft)

epoxy flake amount

Epoxy Chip flake floors typically include a primer - 100% solids build coat and urethane top coat.  If a floor is slightly pitted or spalled, a heavy build of epoxy base coat along with the flakes can hide many or all imperfections while providing a long lasting showroom look floor.  

Flakes are added to the wet epoxy just below the clear topcoat by using spiked shoes to walk out over the wet epoxy to broadcast/toss the chips.  The chips can also be applied in small areas at a time as the floor is being applied. Choose from our assortment of pre-blends or create your own custom blend by ordering single colors.

Guide for amounts to order for a typical 400-500 sqft 2 car garage:

 Sprinkle  1 lb.
 Light to medium coverage  3 lbs
 Medium Coverage  5lbs
 Heavy Coverage  10 lbs
*Full 100% coverage    125 lbs
 *Full coverage requires a complete coverage broadcast over entire floor. Extra chips get swept up then discarded.  
torginol flakes torginol flakes
 2 lbs on 500 sqft  10 lbs on 500 Sqft
 autum epoxy flake  basil epoxy flake  cobblestone epoxy floor flake  denim epoxy flake Domino Epoxy Flakes 
Autum Basil CobbleStone Denim Domino
 fall brown epoxy floor flakes  gravel epoxy flakes harvest epoxy floor blend   hazy mint epoxy flakes khaki epoxy flakes 
 Fall Brown  Gravel Harvest   Hazy Mint  Khaki
 merlot flake blends  morning fog flake blends quicksilver flake blend   shoreline epoxy flake blend SoftStone Epoxy flake 
 Merlot  Morning Fog  Quicksilver Shoreline  Softstone 

starbrite epoxy flake blend




adobe beige flake amethyst flakes autum brown epoxy chips beige floors sacramento epoxy floors
Adobe Beige Amethyst Autum Brown Beige Black
 awesome epoxy floors  brown epoxy  dallas texes epoxy floors  south carolina epoxy floor  columbus ohio epoxy floors
 Brick Red  Brown  Buff  Burgandy  Burnt Red
 Canyon Red Floor Flakes  Epoxy flakes South Dakota  Florida Epoxy Floors  Tennesee Epoxy Floor coatings  Whitchita Epoxy Floors
 Canyon Red  Charcoal  Chocolate  Clay  Cocoa Brown
 Color floors  orange epoxy floor paint  industrial bathroom floors  michigan garage floors  dark blue epoxy
 Cream  Creamy Orange  Crest Green  Cyberspace  Dark Blue
 indiana epoxy floors  holland ohio garage floors  buy Blue floor epoxy  green epoxy floors  holland ohio epoxy floors
 Delray Blue  Dove Gray  Dusk Blue  Evergreen  Fawn
 south carolina epoxy paint  epoxy diy made easy  gold epoxy  Granite Epoxy Floors  Graphite epoxy floors paint
 Forest Green  Gladiola  Gold  Granite  Graphite
 hunter green epoxy  ivory epoxy  lambertville michigan garage floor epoxy coatings  John Deer Green epoxy paint  coffee shop floor paint
 Hunter Green  Ivory  Jasper  JD Green  Latte
 Yellow epoxy floor stripping  red floor paint  epoxy floors maumee ohio  MilkWeed epoxy chip floors adpolymers  toledo ohio garage floors cheap
 Lemon Yellow  Lipstick Red  Medium Grey  Milkweed  Mint Green
 west  coast epoxy  Gray epoxy floor paint  Olive Epoxy paint 100% solids  Orange Epoxy floor coatings  patio floor paint
 Mustard  Neutral Grey  Olive  Orange  Patio Red
 Epoxy Floors lambertville Michigan  perrysburg epoxy floors  Epoxy floors DIY professional  Yellow Epoxy  paint  red epoxy floors
 Peach  Powder Blue  Primary Blue  Primary Yellow  Red
 epoxy wall coatings  toledo ohio garage floors  epoxy floors cedar point  Premier Epoxy coatings  diy epoxy garage floors
Rose Sage Salmon Scone Story Blue
 yellow floor paint  tan epoxy  east coast epoxy  Terra Cotta epoxy floor  Blue Epoxy paint coating
Sunrise Yellow Tan Teal Terra Cotta True Blue
 grey epoxy floor coatings  White Epoxy paint  cheap do it yourself professional epoxy floors    
Whisper Grey White White Semi-Transparent    


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