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Epoxy Flake Systems

Read Data Sheets on all materials before using.  Pay close attention to Pot Life.  AD-EB1 has a 15 min pot life; it is suggested to pour all mixed material out of the bucket and use squeegee to spread before rolling.  Mix no more than three gals at a time of the AD-EB1 100% solids epoxy.  After mixing dump all the epoxy out onto the floor in managable amounts (see Decorative Flake Install),  but make sure to not dump or let flow into the expansion joints.  PUT BUCKET UPSIDE DOWN ON THE FLOOR TO GET ALL THE MATERIAL OUT OF THE BUCKET.  example: For a 400-500 sqft floor dump four equal blobs out onto the floor.  See decorative Flake Install for details.  Material on the floor sets up slower than in the bucket or POT, as in pot life. 

Quick Overview Guide: Quick Project Guide

Detailed Instructions: Decorative Flake Install

Chip Tossing Guide:

Toss them into the air in an outward fashion away from you. Medium sized handfuls tossed in an upward/outward manner will help them to not fall in clumps. Use smaller handfuls around the wall base to keep a uniform look. Start out applying the chip flakes by tossing half of the total amount across the entire floor. This will require the use of spiked shoes. Careful not to slip! After half the amount purchased is spread semi-evenly acrossth e entire floor use the other half and do the same. This time apply more or less where needed blending in the flakes already on the floor. This method helps gauge the amount of chips needed to make an even look. Remember to toss up in the air and let them fall. This method can be done on most of the floor but around the base and cubbies you may need to use the sprinkle method. Small handfuls so they are less likely to fall in clumps.

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